Welcome to the world of financial modeling

We’re going to go through the basics of financial modeling from the point of view of financial analysts.
This is for beginners who are interested in a career in finance and would like to get a overview of financial modeling.

It’s structured as a financial modeling tutorial broken down into discrete steps.

Finally, this is an experiment in crowd-sourced learning.  So feel free to ask questions and answer them for others.

About the author:

I have tutored many students who have gone on to land investment banking and financial analyst positions with prestigious investment banks on Wall Street and Fortune 500 companies. I don’t have enough time to help all those who want to land those coveted positions, so I’m going to post my tutorial online so that everyone can learn and benefit.

My career path has taken me all around the world and allowed to me experience all types of companies and positions. In my previous careers, I have been a software developer, marketing manager, investment banking & private equity associate, and now an investor. I have worked for Fortune 100 companies, private equity/venture capital funds, and startups.  I also started several businesses.

Larry Mai

Feel free contact me via the contact form or on twitter @finmodelingtut

  • sandesh rawat

    hi sir,
    I want to start up with financial modelling.
    I want you to take me through the site map and help me in starting the tutorial on this tutorial page.